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The characters are all well-developed. It was a very thought- provoking novel that captured my attention. The story was written in a simple language that was easy to read and understand. There were lots of twist and turns in the story. The author discusses a lot of social issues, like bad judgment, bad child upbringing, bad choices and mistrust. The author is very talented to write such an interesting novel. The story flowed easily from one chapter to the next. It is a very realistic story about how fame, power and money can effect a person’s life. I loved the ending of the book.
My favourite character is Darwin. His personality and goodness touched every character in this novel. He made a difference in every one’s life. He has a lot of money but he was not proud or selfish. He helped Sweetney to win Luther’s heart. In the beginning his grandmother and the staff did not like him, but as they got to know him, they learned to love and respect him. He helped Luther to become a better person. Darwin has a very good up bringing and good valves. He stood by his friends and family.
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