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I enjoy reading this book a lot. It has a lot of events that made me ponder at times. The characters are interesting. They are famous and high profiled people who strived to retain social reputation and integrity. The author was able to properly deliver a series of event by which you need not to worry so much if you’ll remember them. Every read is like an uninterrupted flow by which when you choose to rest, a series of events still linger to your thoughts. In every character you understand every hesitance or abruptness, every disappointment, and desperation; their needs and wants and their emotional interactions with different situations they’re in.
The entire story simply has its own valuable touch to reality. Most interactions are relatable and very smart. It is more of personal validity and building relationship and the effects of being under the magic of love and affection rather than parenting sort of story which I thought this story is all about at first. But despite of that, I enjoyed reading the story so much. I did not see any typos or any kind of errors that I can share in this review. Finally, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I strongly suggest this book to anyone who wants to unwind with a good book in their hands. And I haven’t mentioned yet, this book has unpredictable storylines and might not be suitable for people who are underage but is surely recommendable to anyone who has the habits of reading.
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