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This novel is a chronicle of failures. It highlights the emotional damages that a person can inflict on himself and his loved ones as a result of his failure to do what is right. It’s central message is about individual moral deficiencies and the damages that follow. These aberrations can be especially disastrous when they affect sensitive institutions like the Medical profession, that is , when politics and financial rewards replace the desire to cure people and make life better.
I love this book because of it’s strong moral undertone and undisputed ethical standpoint. It will be very appealing to religious minded readers and people who are passionate about moral uprightness and doing things properly. Unfortunately however, the book is not well titled. The reader struggles throughout the entire book to relate the story to the it’s title. One keeps wondering if the deceiving Guidian is Luther Pinnelli, Dr. Melverne, Darwin’s English teacher or Betsy’s swimming coach. All these characters failed in one way or the other in their guidian roles but the element of deceit in their actions is quite vague.
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