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Guardian of Deceit by William H Coles is an entertaining story that explores family themes, a drama constructed around inheritance and injustice. Darwin Hastings has a dream of studying medicine after graduating from a private school. His aunt, who has supported him since his parents passed away, can’t support him anymore, so he moves to New York from Pittsburgh to join his cousin, a football star, Luther Pinnelli. But life with the star is hell for him as he finds himself living in the storeroom and like a beggar. His cousin makes it difficult for him to even gain access to his inheritance. Smart and pragmatic, Darwin focuses on relationships that matter, winning the trust of Luther’s weird grandmother, Dr. Adrian Malverne, who becomes his mentor, Laszlo Forgash, the head of security, and many others. Can he succeed in getting what rightfully belongs to him and achieving his dream in medicine?

William H Coles is a master at creating dramatic scenes and his gift for character creates characters readers quickly learn to love and to follow. It is interesting to notice how antagonistic characters evolve in his stories. When readers encounter Darwin Hastings, they feel pity for him, but the pity quickly develops into admiration. While Luther is arrogant and emotional, his cousin Darwin is intelligent, focused, and calculating. The latter invests in building human relationships while the other relies on his fame. The conflict is intelligently handled and it allows the characters to evolve through the story. The prose is excellent, fluid, and charming. Guardian of Deceit features well-written scenes, family drama, and a conflict that takes readers on unexpected emotional rides. I love this author’s work; it is real and utterly engaging. 5/5 Stars

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