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In Guardian of Deceit by William H. Coles, we see seventeen-year-old Darwin Hastings being sent away to New York from Pittsburgh as his dying aunt is unable to take care of him He is sent to a new guardian, his cousin Luther Pinnelli, who is not only rich, but also a famous football player. He meets Doctor Adrian Malverne on the flight, who will later on play an important role in Darwin’s life and career. His dream is to become a doctor like his father. Darwin does not know what he is getting into until he starts living with Luther, who forces him to earn his living instead of giving him the allowance that came from his inheritance. He realizes that life with his celebrity cousin is not going to be an easy one. Living with Luther, and his flamboyant lifestyle of gambling, and reckless behavior results in Darwin also getting involved in the same at med school. As the story unfolds, readers see twists and turns, secrets, lies, scandals, and complications, which make it a compelling book.

It is a story about human relationships and the coming of age of a young man. The author does an excellent job when it comes to portraying Luther and Darwin, and their personalities stand out. There is a lot of drama in the story, which makes it fast paced. Readers are kept on their toes by the thrills, mystery, romance, cheating, and scandals. All the characters lend good support to the main plot, but it is Darwin who stands out with his behavior and character, and how he keeps his dreams and morals intact – despite living with Luther Pinnelli and his reckless lifestyle, which is worth a mention. 5/5 Stars

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