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Guardian of Deceit by William H Coles is a contemporary literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy mystery adventure stories. Darwin Hastings lost his parents and now his aunt can no longer care for him, which forces him to travel from Pittsburgh to New York to live with his cousin. Darwin Hastings’ cousin, Luther Pinnelli, is a well-known football star who is an arrogant, selfish person with no interest in helping Darwin, but instead prefers to show him cruelty. However, Darwin has a high level of intelligence and empathy that allows him to get around the obstacles Luther throws in his path by befriending allies. Will Darwin’s allies help him to achieve his dream of studying medicine, or will all his work go down the drain, thanks to his arrogant cousin?

Guardian of Deceit by William H Coles is an enjoyable book that did not truly fit into any one genre. The story line was clearly well thought out and it showcased the author’s ability to create a cast of well-developed characters and a gripping plot line. I found that Darwin’s home situation with his arrogant cousin reminded me a lot of the Harry Potter book series with how Harry also lives with relatives that do not care for him, but instead preferred to treat him badly. Darwin managed to make the most of his situation in finding and befriending people that could help him to achieve his dream. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, Darwin’s intellect, and his ingenuity.

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