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The author openly portrays the positive and negative traits prevailing in society. The selfishness of society is evident in the story. Each character is in struggle to achieve his or her goal by hook or by crook. When we see the positive side of the story, the case of dismissal of Betsy (daughter of Bonita Thomas) shows a sign of cooperativeness as they (characters) consider themselves a “family.” The author beautifully moves the story forward relating all events in a sequence. His omniscient view of each character kept me on my toe until I finished the story.

The author aptly describes the cultural values of upper class in American society. The poor condition of women in which she is mostly considered a sex symbol is ironical. Unending lust for wealth, debauchery and callousness of attitudes goes throughout the story, which may sadden the reader. But of course he (author) has rightly depicted a reality. The book is free from typos, so I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I hope readers would like it much.
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