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What I loved best about Guardian of Deceit was the character development. William H. Coles really did a great job of developing almost all the characters that appeared in the book. He made the likes, dislikes, history, attitudes, weekeness etc. of characters such as Sweeney, Mrs Thompson, Helen, Lazlo, known intimately to his readers. This he did by not making the whole book about Darwin or his life. Chapters were dedicated to certain characters and their life.
Still on the subject of characters, I love how the author didn’t place a label of protagonist or villain on any of his characters. They were portrayed as just humans. Humans who made bad decisions in life, humans that succeeded in their field, humans with feelings. Even Luther who cheats, lies and doesn’t care, Luther who makes it so easy to hate or dislike him, turned out to be a human that can be broken emotionally after all. Alas he was capable of love, a fact that was proven towards the end of the novel which came as a surprise to me.Read the entire review here…

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