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The Guardian of Deceit was an excellent read. From start to finish, I was completely captivated, frantically flipping the pages to see what would come next. One of my favorite parts about this book was how Coles managed to allude to certain things rather than just saying them upfront. So instead of saying a particular thing happened, he would hint at it so that you as the reader could come to discover more along with Darwin. It makes the book much more immersive and made it much more enjoyable and mysterious. Not only did he allude to certain ideas, but he also left some aspects open-ended for the reader to imagine what would come next. I enjoyed that aspect, especially at the end of the book when you are left to wonder and fantasize over the details.
Another thing I really loved about this book was the character development. We get to see our main character grow up. We are there for him in high school, throughout college, and as he pursues his career. We see him struggle, triumph, love, and hurt. It was very well done in that I felt like I knew Darwin and could both sympathize and empathize with him. It also really helped to show how the people you surround you can change and shape your personality, for better or for worse. By developing a strong character-reader bond at the beginning of the story, it helps to allow you as the reader to question his actions with love rather than with hate. Read the entire review hereā€¦

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