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The greatest strength of the book is the quality of writing. The author uses English language magnificently and manages to convey ideas with a great dea of subtlety and nauce. In my opinion, the quality of writting mixed with the choice of words made the book an interesting read all by themselves.
The writing style is straightforward and clean, with enough descriptions to give readers a sense of the character and environment. I found the conversations in the book, although some were serious, to be compelling. Despite of its many pages, the book was a quick read.
Having liked the writing style and the amazing plot of the book, I am happy to rate it four out of four stars. I did not come across any grammatical and spelling errors. The book was professionally edited. The tale made me weep, celebrate, and get angered for my fellow humans who may be going through this situations. It was not a happy story, so those looking for a light fiction story should look elsewhere. I would recommend the book to those who enjoy character-driven narratives that focuses on heavy themes.
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