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Guardian of Deceit by William H Coles is literary fiction narrated in a fun, humorous, and engaging voice – the story of Darwin Hastings who flies to New York from Pittsburgh to live with his cousin, Luther Pinnelli, the football star. He has dreams of studying medicine after his graduation from a private school. He lived with his aunt after the death of his parents, but now she is unable to provide for him. Moving to New York is supposed to make things easier for him, but his cocky and selfish cousin makes his life a living hell, having him sleep in the storeroom and blocking access to his inheritance. In this story, Darwin uses his intelligence and his ability to charm people to win some friends and set himself up for success. Can he finally get what is rightfully his and achieve his goals in life?

I was hooked from the very beginning of the narrative when I met the protagonist on his flight as he engaged in a very funny conversation with an eccentric old woman who believes that football is a sexist kind of sport and a medical professional who is laid-back and interesting. William H Coles writes about ordinary situations but infuses them with life and humor while showing readers how his characters evolve through the narrative. His gift for exquisite prose and well-crafted, natural dialogues is among the ingredients that enrich this story. The author establishes relationships with characters that deepen the conflict and allow the protagonist to shape himself into a character that readers want to stick with. Themes of family, romance, inheritance, and the pursuit of a dream are skillfully developed in this narrative. Guardian of Deceit is an exciting, balanced, and well-crafted story that keeps the reader riveted. Highly recommended for fans of literary fiction. 5/5 Stars

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