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Guardian of Deceit by William H Coles is another interesting novel from this author. Darwin Hastings flies from Pittsburgh to New York. After the death of his parents years ago, he had been living with an aunt who can’t support him anymore. Now he plans to live with his football-star cousin Luther Pinnelli, dreaming of completing his studies in medicine after graduation. But life isn’t what he expected and people aren’t too friendly; in fact, he finds himself in far less favorable conditions with his cousin. He has no access to his inheritance and finds himself living in deplorable conditions in the storage room. But is this going to stop him from dreaming? Follow this story to find out what Darwin is capable of achieving.

It is interesting how Darwin connects with people and how he wins them over to his side. There is emotion in this story and it is easy to feel sympathy for the protagonist. The author makes readers see what being a celebrity is like and creates a fascinating setting in New York against which the narrative develops. Darwin is a character with vision, a disciplined and ambitious young adult who is smart, and this intelligence is evident in the way he interacts with others and in how he handles the tension between himself and his cousin. There are many surprises in the story, intense emotional moments and psychological depth. Guardian of Deceit is a tale that explores family themes and what betrayal feels like. William H Coles writes in a style that is crisp and enticing, imagining characters that are complex. I love how he explores the relationships between the characters, especially the one between Dr. Adrian Malverne and the protagonist. This is a deeply satisfying story, a must-read. 5/5 Stars

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